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    cbd cigarettes

    All Natural

    Field grown flower (zero additives)

    <0.3% THC

    No mind-altering effects

    No Nicotine

    Freedom from addiction

    Get off the nicotine rollercoaster.

    It’s a vicious cycle of anxiety, fatigue and guilt.
    Addiction leaves you feeling powerless and keeps you back from all you want in life.
    It takes more than it gives.

    Hemp CBD smokes are Mother Nature’s answer to nicotine.

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    What smokers are saying

    “I actually ENJOY smoking now. No more cigarette smell, or cravings. The CBD really does help take the edge off, which is what I used to get from Nicotine.”


    “A much more natural taste than tobacco, especially with the menthol version.”


    Welcome to the hemp revolution!

    A little bit of background

    Hemp is defined in federal legislation as the cannabis plant (yes, that cannabis plant) but with one key difference: In short, hemp doesn’t get you high. Hemp is 100% federally legal in the United States thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill (some states have their own restrictions).

    Hemp cigarettes offer a convenient, portable, and discreet way to enjoy the benefits of CBD without having to ... Read moredeal with messy oils, rolling papers, grinders, or other pothead looking paraphernalia 🙂

    Why smoke it though? Smoking hemp delivers the plant’s cannabinoids (like CBD, CBG, CBN) directly to the lungs for quick absorption, it is often cited by users as the most effective way to experience the full benefits of the cannabis plant.

    Many have also found hemp cigarettes to be an effective alternative to tobacco, as a natural substitute for nicotine patches, nicotine gum, or prescription medications to help those who struggle to quit. By the way, hemp is non addictive… the relaxed feeling many report is from the broad spectrum of cannabinoids, rather than the cessation of an addictive craving.

    It is important to note that hemp contains trace amounts (under .3%) of THC, the cannabinoid in Marijuana that produces the high feeling. We are unable to say for certain whether or not it will show up in a drug test, so please smoke responsibly.

    Other makers of hemp cigarettes will claim to be the best product on the market, but those claims often evaporate upon further examination. Our competitors will ship cigarettes that contain ground up stalks, leaves, sticks, seeds, or reconstituted hemp biomass that they then just spray with CBD isolate. Our hemp cigarettes contain 100% premium hemp flower. We might be the first people in the world to do it. We’re purists in that way.. We don’t believe in fillers or additives. We keep it simple, so you can enjoy a next-level smoking experience.

    But you don’t have to take our word for it.. Give ‘em a try. You won’t be disappointed.