Virginia Heritage has quit tobacco for good and switched to hemp, and we hope you do, too.

Getting the 100% CBD-rich hemp flower (from CraftAg) to run through machines previously retrofitted for tobacco products has not been an easy task… but we’ve proven we’re the team to do it.

We know that you want a great tasting natural smoke, and we intend to deliver.

With over 100+ years of combined experience in the tobacco industry, we know how to make a good smoke and we have the right people to get it done. You want something great tasting and smooth, and we’re on a mission to make the best CBD cigarette on the market.

We care about what’s inside, and we know you do, too. That’s why all of our hemp is grown in the USA. We stand behind every smoke that leaves our factory and we’re proud of what we do, knowing that our cigarettes are delivering to people the many benefits of the amazing cannabis plant.

All our cigarettes are 100’s.. not so we can charge more, but because we can deliver to you that extra little bit of product for the money.

We care about what you think! Please leave a review on the product pages and share your feedback with us. You can also follow us on social media (links in the footer).

Wishing you health, wealth, and some much-needed relaxation,

-The VH Team

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