AromaHemp “Roll Your Own”

AromaHemp “Roll Your Own”


From our partners in Washington State!

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Like to roll your own hemp smokes? Then these pouches of pre-ground Kush Hemp flower are for you. They’re great to mix in with other flower or herbs and even come with a pack of rolling papers. Great for at the end of a long day or whenever you need a time out. Delivers all of the relaxation and none of the high.

AromaHemp sources the finest Kush Hemp flower from experienced multi-generational farmers across the Pacific Northwest. All plants are grown naturally without the use of pesticides and are slow cured indoors to retain full potency, flavor, and of course aroma.

Net wt. 28 g (1 oz)

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Weight 1.2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × .25 in


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